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Clinical Dose Formulation

We can support by detailing the process to generate final clinical trial dose forms before releasing them to a cGMP facility for manufacture.

For more information:
Call: +44 1274 326073
Email: answers@agenda1.co.uk


Nicotine & TPD2 Support

E-Cigarettes, Vapes, Heat-Not burn products, and even cigarettes themselves are becoming the growing focus of analytical efforts around the world, and Agenda1 is well in the forefront.

We have been heavily involved in developing regulatory support data for a nicotine delivery product which has been submitted to the MHRA for consideration, and are part of the analytical team to be licensed to carry out product release.

In addition, we have submitted grant applications to carry out method development work to support a major US government initiative and are able to offer a full Tobacco Products Derivative (TPD2) dossier submission service, in collaboration with our partners.

The primary technique in this area remains MS (LC or GC), often with a variety of other hyphenated detectors and, collaborating with world recognised experts in the field we are developing what are intended to become industry leading methods.

We can offer analysis of e-liquids and condensates for the following analytes:

  • Water
  • Heavy metals
  • Aldehydes
  • Nicotine and nicotine impurities
  • Tobacco related Nitrosamines
  • Glycols
  • Various flavourings