Often we work with clients who understand exactly what they need to know, but not how it is to be measured.

Materials Characterisation

Techniques available include: X-Ray Powder Diffraction, Specific Surface Area (BET), Meso-Porosity, Particle Size Distribution by Sympatec and Malvern (dry powders and suspensions)

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Amino Acid Testing

We offer amino acid analysis using state of the art technology. Whether for free or bound amino acid analysis / post hydrolysis, samples are analysed by UHPLC-UV using an in-line derivatisation system for the separation and quantification of 19 naturally occurring amino acids to a low level (LOD is impacted by the sample matrices). This is including the notoriously unstable tryptophan and cysteine. These are quantified using an internal standard so you have assurance in the recovery of your results.

Amino acid testing is especially useful for nutrient analysis e.g. sports supplement and in food analysis. However, several more traditional applications include quantification of protein content and the understanding of surface active agents in polymers.