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Bone Substitute

The Bone substitute market has seen dramatic growth over the last few years, and is forecast to continue to grow. Our expertise has grown in line with market demand.

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Pre-Clinical Formulation Manufacture

At this stage the programme is ready to move forward to preparing the dose form that is to be used in the Pre-Clinical trial.

We will prepare the samples under cGMP conditions ready for transfer to the team who are to carry out the study. The formulation will be tested and released to the specifications agreed during the development process.

Agenda1 has a range of equipment to support this process and has recently invested in the following:

  • Freeze Drier (Scanvac 110-u Pro)
  • Homoginiser (IKA T25D)
  • Multi Inlet Vortex Mixer (4 port – custom design)
  • Combined Impinging Jets Mixer (custom design)