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REACH Sameness Testing & Read-Across Services
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Gas Chromatography

We operate three makes of GC equipment:

  • Picture2PerkinElmer Autosystem and Clarus GC/FID units with Totalchrom software (liquid and headspace injection)
  • Thermo Trace 1310 ISQ GC with either FID, MS or ecd detection WITH CHROMELEON SOFTWARE (LIQUID INJECTION)

All GC units have split / splitless injection and our inventory of equipment means that virtually all Compendial GC procedures can be carried out. We have developed a particular expertise in Gas Chromatography to carry out development projects as well as routine analysis. We have developed and validated a wide range of standard tests,
particularly for Residual Solvent Analysis and Phthalates screening.

We have significant experience in the development, improvement, verification and validation of Gas Chromatography procedures for a range of drug and medical device applications.