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Nicotine and TPD2 Support

We have been heavily involved in developing regulatory support data for a nicotine delivery product which has been submitted to the MHRA for consideration, and are part of the analytical team to be licensed to carry out product release.

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Problem Solving

Problem solving – a speciality
Problem solvers when your team need an answer

Problem Solving

Many times our clients have their own teams of scientists. What they don’t always have is spare time and capacity to focus on particularly difficult analytical challenges. This can often be because the in-house team have more urgent scheduled programmes of work, for instance In Process Control analysis or in house release testing. This “too busy cutting the trees to sharpen the axe” problem is where we can help. We can improve methods, or tackle bespoke formulation issues in a focused way where we appreciate this is absolutely our main task, not just something else added to lots of other routine and prioritised tasks.

Sometimes our clients just don’t have any lab facilities, or any experience with the types of challenges which we are used to dealing with. In those circumstances we are happy to give advice and support and develop an approach which works for both parties.