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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

As large pharmaceutical companies outsource both ancillary services like analytical work, and even the full scale manufacture to specialist companies, we find ourselves working with both types of companies.

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Multi-Disciplinary Projects

As a company with a wide range of experience, particularly in the development field, we are used to working in multi-disciplinary teams across the UK and well beyond.

Within that role we are used to receiving early stage methods from a development team, developing and validating the methods then transferring the methods onwards to a final manufacturer. On larger scale projects the multi-disciplinary aspect often means teams within Agenda1 collaborating to bring together the results of numerous tests.  The wide range of techniques means that we are well placed to do this. This ability is particularly useful when there is a requirement for detailed checking of a wide range of datapacks when the availability of all the data in a standard single company format can considerably speed up the time-lines.