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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

As large pharmaceutical companies outsource both ancillary services like analytical work, and even the full scale manufacture to specialist companies, we find ourselves working with both types of companies.

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We’d really like you to visit our laboratories, of which we are very proud – but we know that that isn’t always practical. So we prepared the following tours, which give you some more details of what we have and how we operate.

Dedicated to formulation support, with a particular focus on salt screening, also lab scale manufacturing, including Excipient Solubility Screening capabilities.

Equipment available includes Hot & Cold stage PLM, Malvern Particle Sizer, DVS, Heater Shaker.

Equipment and techniques available HPLC (UV, PDA, Fluorescence, ELS detectors), UHPLC, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, Semi-preparative & preparative scale HPLC (peak isolation/identification of unknowns).

Specialist method development, validation and verification services, including for Pharmacopeial methods. Routine testing is also available

Equipment includes GC/MS, Gas Chromatography (liquid and headspace injection) FID and TCD detection.

Projects have included determination of residual solvents in raw materials, in-process testing, extractables and leachables and e-cigarette testing.

Equipment available includes TGA/DSC, TOC, Sympatec Particle Sizer, XRD.

Focus is on initial material assessment, including thermal, structural and key processing characteristics (e.g. specific surface area); all work is undertaken to GMP standards.

Equipment available includes ICP-OES, Microwave Digester, Dissolution, Titration, FTIR, Turbula Blender.

Focus is on assessing suitability of the API for formulation use, with a particular focus on non-chemical purity, such as residual metals and water.

Variety of store conditions available, covering all ICH conditions. Fridges and freezers are monitored 24/7 with fast call out and emergency back-up systems in place.

The head office houses the Commercial, QA and Finance teams.