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Problem Solving

Many times our clients have their own teams of scientists. What they don’t always have is spare time and capacity to focus on particularly difficult analytical challenges.

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Our Partners

It is the nature of this industry that many companies make formal and informal partnerships. We select our partners on the basis of a number of key factors.

First and foremost they must be able to do the work expected of them. For this aspect we have a formal supplier evaluation and approval process, and all our sub-contractors have to have been assessed and approved by our Quality team before being employed.

The second level of selection is to decide if the team involved is one we are able to work with effectively, the companies and individuals below all meet that criterion as well.

Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services®: An Impeccable Pedigree and a Pragmatic Attitude


Seda offers an integrated Pharmaceutical Development and Clinical Pharmacology Service that maximises asset value build.  Seda ensure that the client’s medicinal product are developed to meet the needs of the patient (right dose) but are also capable of robust manufacture. It is this practical, results focussed attitude that we particularly admire about them.

Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services® is the business name and registered trademark of Seda Pharma Development Services Ltd.

A much (physically) closer partner is The Institute of Cancer Therapeutics


The Institute of Cancer Therapeutics houses a multidisciplinary team of researchers in the field of drug design, synthesis, screening and pharmacology.  Their purpose built institute is configured to integrate all the elements of the preclinical drug discovery process, in keeping with our mission to research and develop new treatments with a focus on cancer and other proliferative diseases. The Institute has significant cancer charity, UK research council and commercial sponsorship to facilitate the progression of new therapies and experimental delivery systems. We have worked with the ICT in developing new methods and in supporting each other with equipment access.