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Multi-Disciplinary Projects

As a company with a wide range of experience, particularly in the development field, we are used to working in multi-disciplinary teams across the UK and well beyond.

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About Us

Agenda1: The Better Alternative

Agenda1 is an independent company with a clear business rationale, which is to be the Better Alternative for those requiring any form of Analytical support to achieve their goals. The company resources include teams of highly skilled and experienced analytical scientists working with a very wide range of equipment/techniques, which are qualified to cGMP quality standards.

Who do we work for?

Agenda1 primarily works with companies in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical Device and Nicotine product industries. However, we also provide services to any business / industry requiring them. Our typical clients work with sophisticated products/materials and/or require understanding of some basic information with regards to a material/sample of interest. Examples of businesses we have worked with include:

Multi-national Pharmaceutical companies, Start-up drug development businesses, virtual companies, consultancies, CMO and CRO companies, Specialist Ink manufacturers, Specialist film manufacturers, and many companies with specialist raw material requirements.

We have built up particular skills in Bone substitute material analysis and also E-Cigarette and nicotine product analysis.

With the fast pace of many industries involved in new product development , product changes, or simply the challenge of JIT manufacture, we know that many of our clients are on a tight time- line, consequently we have developed our business model to aim to deliver to your timetable, and to be honest if that time-table cannot be achieved.