Highly skilled and experienced analytical scientists working in well equipped, GMP compliant laboratories.

Agenda1 is a specialist contract analytical company. We deliver high quality analytical support to companies across a wide range of industries, including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical Device and many others.

We are distinguished by our wide range of techniques, and our ability to support work from initial Method Development, through to final Product Release. We are cGMP compliant and ISO 9001:2008 certified and have been MHRA-inspected. View our quality page for further details.

Companies we work for range from internationally recognised major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, through to well established drug product and fine chemical manufacturers and include a number of venture capital funded start ups as well as household names.

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On site equipment is available to support Materials Characterisation, Chromatography and Wet Chemistry analysis. Equipment is maintained and qualified to meet cGMP requirements.

Materials Characterisation

Techniques available include: X-Ray Powder Diffraction, Specific Surface Area (BET), Meso-Porosity, Particle Size Distribution by Sympatec and Malvern (dry powders and suspensions)

Crystallinity / Structure

Techniques available include:
X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Crystallinity / Amorphicity determination, Polymorph identification, Thermal Analysis (TGA) , Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS), Moisture and Volatiles content, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Elemental Analysis

Techniques available include: Trace and Major Elemental Analysis, including metals (ICP OES/MS and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and TOC for carbon

Liquid Chromatography

Techniques available include:High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (including UHPLC) and MS at Analytical Semi-Prep and Preparative scales.

Gas Chromatography

Techniques available include: Headspace and liquid injection GC-FID / GC-MS / HS-GC.

Other Techniques

Techniques available include:
Corrosion testing, Oil and Lubricant analysis, wide ranging Microscopy techniques (SEM, SEM-EDAX and Optical and RAMAN (Spectroscopy and Microscopy) Tapped / Bulk and True Density.


Analytical Services

We provide a wide range of analytical services, including method development, verification and validation. We also support ad hoc investigations.

Method Development

We have wide experience developing methods for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare industry sectors.

Method Validation

We are familiar with working with teams carrying out method validation work to meet regulatory requirements, and for internal cGMP needs.

Method Verification

Method verification is used to demonstrate that a standardised published method (e.g. Pharmacopoeial method) can be run effectively in a given laboratory.

Stability Studies

We are able to support a full range of standard ICH conditions with both on site and off site qualified storage facilities.

Routine Product Release

We support release testing for clinical studies and more routine release.

Multi-Disciplinary Projects

As a company with a wide range of experience, particularly in the development field, we are used to working in multi-disciplinary teams across the UK and well beyond.

Problem Solving

Many times our clients have their own teams of scientists. What they don’t always have is spare time and capacity to focus on particularly difficult analytical challenges.

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API Optimisation

Our API-Optimisation support picks up from the moment the Chem Dev synthesis team deliver the API powder to the Pharm Dev team.

Pre-Formulation Assessment

The focus here moves from API to a dose form that can be trialled in pre-clinical studies. But, before moving to that Pre Clinical Formulation work, we can provide support that can help you make your decisions faster, and more precisely.

Salt Screening

Salt screening is an important part of any drug development programme, both as part of an IP review and also to understand the benefits (or otherwise) associated with using different salt forms.

Polymorph Screening

Polymorphism in pharmaceuticals may be defined as the ability of a drug substance to exist in two or more crystalline forms.

High Throughput Formulation Solubility Screening

Identifying options suitable for oral, parenteral or transdermal administration at an early stage brings time-saving and cost benefits to the entire programme.

Industry Applications

Our experience has been employed by a wide range of industries, additional examples are available.

Pharmaceutical Development

A high proportion of our projects fall under this banner. We are used to developing methods for novel API’s and formulations and carrying out work to meet Regulatory submission requirements.


Quality is necessarily at the heart of everything we do. From our earliest days we have followed GMP requirements and been ISO9001-2008 accredited. MHRA GMP certified.

Human Medicinal Products (MHRA)
Veterinary Products (MHRA)
ISO 9001
Quality Policy
Drug License

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Agenda1 has very much enjoyed the recent process of recruiting to its first Graduate Recruitment Programme. Historically, vacancies at Agenda1 have been filled in the traditional way; that is, by candidates who have already been in work and who are able to demonstrate competence for the job required. However, as the company continues to evolve […]

If it ain’t broke, DO fix it!


As a company providing outsourced services, I believe I should practise what I preach, so recently I’ve been looking for outsourced HR and H&S support.
By trawling the available websites, I soon picked up on a common benefit – nearly all these companies have decided to sell on…fear.

Taken for Granted?


Should the availability of a grant make any difference to what a commercially focussed company does? That question came to mind recently, as I was being interviewed by a university researcher looking at the impact of two different grant schemes from which we benefited. Partly I want to argue that a grant shouldn’t make any difference, but I recognise that if that were the case then the question “why do grant schemes exist at all?” leaps to the fore.

So what’s the point of testing anyway?


We receive numerous requests to carry out analyses on multiple materials for multiples reasons, and sometimes it is easy to forget that our clients have very particular (though very varying) reasons for seeking our support.


One small step for a business, one giant facility for many businesses!


In 2006 Agenda1 started with a few employees based on the Listerhills Science Park in Bradford. Since then the number of staff has increased nearly 600% and the labs space by around 80%, always on the same site in Bradford…


Smoke and Mirrors?


MHRA have decided that E-Cigarettes will from 2016 be regulated as Medicines.